Welcome on  Aérographies Aviation  by Alexandre Boisdron

"Trained as an aeronautical engineer (in the Air Force and then for civil aircraft manufacture) i have always had a passion for pencil and Indian ink drawing.
In 1993, thanks to the airbrush, i decided to add some colour to my drawings.
Consequently, the paintings to be found in the gallery are initially pencil drawings afterwards painted by airbrush with a brush and penccil finishing. 

About 35 hours of work are necessary to complete an aerography, three quarters of which are devoted to the airbrush."

Print aluminium

Print alu made from original work, (1,5mm thickness) limited edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the author.

These print are ideal for an office decoration...

Customized Paintings

You are an airline representative, a museum or a private person with a wish to have something to remind you of a special plane you have flown on? Alexander Boisdron offers his services to make the aerography of your choice from a blank pattem.

The representative will be as exact as possible, with structural lines, markings, colours and eventually special livery. The ideal thing to retain the memory of a plane bearing anniversary decorations for example, or to promote it through prints, to decorate an enthusiast's office or to illustrate the project of a new livery...

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